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Corporate Identity

Case Study:
Rotam North America

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with its principal manufacturing base in China, Rotam CropSciences has fully integrated manufacturing, research and development, registration, and marketing and technical support that operates on a global platform.

PROJECT: After Fringe established a new corporate branding for the headquarters in Hong Kong, it was time to carry it through to the American division via a second website. The website needed to have an overall look of an international company, while focusing on the local markets in the U.S. Their prime competitors have been in the United States much longer and have already established their brands and products. Rotam needed to break into that niche and become a new force in the industry.

IMPLEMENTATION: For consistency, we built the new U.S. site following the same concept of their corporate site, originally designed by Fringe. Images were added that reflected the needs of the large farms of California and the Mid-West. We also developed a new logo with a design that would represent all of their products.

RESULT: A site that works well with American markets, while still having a global appeal. It establishes the products as a competitive option to those already recognized in the United States.

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