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Iron: Kettlebell & Body Weight Training 101
Case Study:
Iron: Kettlebell & Body Weight Training 101

The Training Rim the only facility in the area to provide personal training, small group personal training, and kettle bell instruction. The facility is designed for the athletic performance and fitness enthusiast.

PROJECT: The project was to develop and enhance the appearance of an exercise book from the perspectives of looking both professional and marketable. The cover, pages, text and photographs were to appeal to both exercise professionals and people who may have had limited exposure to exercise.

IMPLEMENTATION: Fringe received the text of the book as well as simple instructions as to where to place photos, where to highlight certain aspects of the content, etc. in a word document. The book from cover to cover was then developed and converted to a distributable format that were both printer and reader friendly. Photos to be used in the book had previously been taken by Fringe staffer Leigh Stoecker over the course of two separate one hour sessions.

RESULT: The finished product was a highly marketable book that appealed to a wide range of potential customers. The cover and its 1st impression certainly had a “wow” factor as did many of the photos. The layout and text were easy to read, follow and navigate through, making it user friendly for the consumer.

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